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Team Building
Adventure Activities begin here
Jungle Resort is ready to receive 50 participants including coaches at one time, with 7 rooms and 3 Chalets. Capacity in the resort can accommodate over 100 people where it provides comfort for activities and also equipped with system audio to facilitate the trainer to run the program.

The Jungle Resort's remote location and beautiful nature scenery are also equipped with forest and river water facilities promising a challenging "outdoor" experience and exciting to every participant.

After a tired day of activities, Jungle Resort is among the best locations for Team Building because of its large and comfortable facilities with a variety of beds. Our rooms are furnished from Queens beds to single beds and even have Dorm rooms equipped with double decker beds for each participant or guest.

Camping Site
Jungle Resort Camping Site Package
Let's relax for a small group, reunion, chat and 'hang out'! Among the activities include BBQ - Chicken / Meat, Fish | Pool rafters, car gangs and 4x4. What are you waiting for? Take your own tent or rent a rental at Jungle Resort.
  • Privacy. Only limited to a small amount, maximum of 8 vehicles at all times.
  • Picnic and camping beside a Vehicle (Vehicle) vehicle are allowed.
  • Panorama draws the riverside.
  • Bathroom amenities and toilets, prayer rooms.
  • BBQ facilities. (Equipment provided)
  • Horseback riding experience for you and your family.
# Package Price: RM 50 per vehicle (Two persons free).
# Additional RM 10 per passenger in the vehicle (Adult / Child).
# Price does not include tent rental if necessary.
Wedding at Jungle Resort
Wedding packages at Jungle Resort are very look alike from the famous "Wedding Garden" concept with nature and green landscape. Jungle Resort provides a romantic wedding venue and services as well as a romantic honeymoon for a couple who dream of a luxurious wedding at the same time maintaining a reasonable budget. We suggest our guest to book rooms for families overnight before the event begins as a preparatory ceremony and no less is the bride who wants a "Majlis Malam Berinai" with friends, perfect!

The photoshoot of your precious moments here is certainly interesting with its green surroundings and classic building architecture and has several nearby locations that are ideal for your photoshoot location. You can check out the wedding photos that were held at Jungle Resort on the Gallery page. Contact us to discuss your events and to make a reservation.

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